Movie Hoax: Nwanyi Oma

So this poster right here is a movie hoax.

It’s not real.

Just some photo shop done by someone.

Good job might I add.

But if this were real would you see this movie?

I would….Robert Downey Jnr is in it for Christ sake. Lol.

Apologies to all my readers for the long silence by the way. Had some important work to be done. All for the blog’s betterment. Thanks for all your concerns via email. I am honoured. And thanks for staying true to this blog. Without you all I would never be 73,000 hits strong. I do not take it for granted.

Okay enough of the mushy speech!


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Mahin Nosa Itotoi is a Wife, Mother, Media Personality, Nollywood actress (Unfair the movie, Love Match, Unbreakable, Centre of Attraction, Mama Maggi, Delivery Boy, etc), Talk Show Host (Behind The Stars with Mahin Itotoi), Scriptwriter (Canard, Obstinate Emotions, Straggled, Eledje, etc), Blogger, Event Manager (Events By Mahin), Donut seller (mahinS donutS), Entrepreneur. Feel free to connect with her on Facebook: Mahin Nosa Itotoi, Instagram: @IAmMahinItotoi Twitter: @IAmMahinItotoi and Email:

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  1. Yeah, it’s a hoax but not about intentional one. I made the poster for fun and made it clear it was a spoof but many didn’t read my caption and just ran with it. This is the original post where I first put it up:

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