Genevieve Nnaji Finally Getting Married?

The delectable Nollywood Diva recently shared this picture on her Instagram page and there have been lots of speculations about her secretly getting married and trying to announce it by showing off a wedding band in this picture.

Dear Nigerians, a single lady who happens to be a celebrity is free to take a simple picture without you guys reading different kinds of meanings to it okay? Thank you. 

If Genevieve gets married I’m very sure at her age, she would boldly come out and tell everyone without leaving people guessing. So let’s all enjoy this lovely black and white picture rather than over think it.


‘Simi Is Not A Competition’ – Di’ja

There have been speculations here and there about Mavin artist Di’ja seeing her fellow musical artist Simi as a threat but in a recent interview she granted at Simi’s Album Debut Party, Di’ja had this to say:

“It’s all about the music. You guys are the ones making things up, I think Music is for everybody, If you’re about the music, you’d know its not a Competition, We both sing to create till we die”..

I share Di’ja’s view 100 percent. I think it’s the fans that are spinning trouble where there isn’t any. 

Instagram Celebrity Wannabe Uche Maduagwu Publicly Shames Kemi Adetiba Over Her Crush On Anthony Joshua

Okay, so if you haven’t heard the name Uche Maduagwu before then you are wrong. He’s an Instagram Celebrity Wannabe and having him here on my blog is actually making him more famous so you are welcome Uche. 

Now to the main gist. Nigerian female Film maker Kemi Adetiba according to her, has a huge crush on Anthony Joshua and when Anthony made a statement that he doesn’t have time for women for the next 10 years Kemi Adetiba replied thus:

“He wants to be the best fighter in the world but if its to fight for my heart now, he will tell me to wait 10 years.”
Uche Maduagwu obviously saw this as another opportunity to shine and thus took to Instagram to blast her:

“@Kemi Adetiba, stop embarrassing Nigerian women, let’s respect our culture. A man should ask for your hand in marriage, not you begging’.

He then went on to say:
“All the Nigerian women begging @anthony_joshua for marriage are irresponsible… Some women are such a disgrace to other women, how can a grown up woman be begging a man to come and marry her on social #media? Don’t you all have shame? Just because he is a boxing #champion, you all want him to come and #marry you by fire and by force, are you all possessed? The same women begging @anthony_joshua to marry them are also the same set of irresponsible women that have broken the heart of innocent and hardworking men in Nigeria”.

Well, as expected Kemi Adetiba kept mum on this because silence really is the best answer for a ****(fill in the blank spaces).

Omotola Jalade To Star In A New Movie: ‘Shadow Parties’

The queen of Nollywood herself, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde who recently blew our minds in her come-back movie ‘Alter Ego’ and whose exceptional performance in her just released movie ‘Tribunal’ thrilled us beyond norms is getting set to embark on yet another movie journey titled ‘Shadow Parties’ directed by filmmaker Yemi Amodu.

Omotola recently met with Yemi Amodu to sign the contract of the new movie in Ikeja and shared pictures to announce her new movie contract. 
Congratulations Omo Sexy, we can’t wait to see this one because we know you will be exceptional in it as always. Keep doing the good job that you do and keep inspiring other actors after you. 

Former Beauty Queen Omowunmi Akinnifesi Says Being Single Is A Blessing

Former Beauty Queen, Omowunmi Akinnifesi took to her Instagram page to share her views about the blessings of being single:

Personally I would say Omowunmi is making a whole lot of sense. Single ladies need to learn to enjoy their singleness and not be too big overwhelmed about getting married. Build yourself. Let your man find a woman who is solidly rooted. 

Okay let me leave the preaching to my Pastors wife before I get carried away. Lol. 

Ufuoma McDermott Loses Brother To Kidney Failure

Nollywood actress Ufuoma McDermott just days back, lost her brother Uvie to Kidney Failure and she took to her Instagram page to make the announcement. 

Uvie died while he was strapped to his dialysis machine while undergoing the dialysis process. Huge condolence to the entire Ejenobor family. I know first hand what it means to lose someone through this illness as I lost my dad same way too. 

May God grant you all the fortitude to bear this loss. Amen. Sleep well Uvie. 

Apologies For The Break In Transmission

So we went underground for almost four months to sort some things out in a bid to serve all our readers better and we are happy to announce that we are BACK!

In a few days, you will be noticing the new and improved changes. Thank you all. Feels good to be back. Who missed us????

The Wedding Party Movie Comes Alive As Banky-W Announces His Engagement To Adesua Etomi

Whoop Whoop, Yasssss these two are now officially engaged and NO it is not a media stunt. 

Infact they have been engaged since February but just letting the entire public in now. 

It’s not a means to make you guys go watch The Wedding Party 2 when it comes out. There’s no need for that actually because part 1 was a huge success and y’all will go see part 2 because of that. 

This is real guy’s. Stop suspecting everything. Lol. I’m so happy for the two of them. Huge congrats to them. Find below Banky’s letter to Adesuwa aka Susu:

Dear Susu

We crossed paths 2 or 3 times since 2012, but I wasn’t paying enough attention. Destiny was staring me right in the face and I was too caught up in my own hustle and paper chase, to know it. In June 2015 however, God brought you my way again, and this time, I really SAW you. I was smitten by your grace, aura, and beauty. So smitten infact, that even though I didn’t get to say a word to you that day (because you were seated far across the room), I immediately called my best friend @captdemuren and told him I’d found my next girlfriend. LOL. He laughed.
I asked one or two people about you.. your manager Isioma, who I’d worked with previously, and then I did some research myself. Googled you, stalked your instagram.. the whole 9 yards, and the more I found out, the more you seemed like a breath of fresh air.
Now, I personally don’t like being “hooked up”, so I decided to approach you myself by sliding into your DM a few days later. Introduced myself, made some silly attempts to make you laugh, told you I planned to become your biggest fan, and asked if we could be friends. Thank God you laughed at my silly jokes, and thank God you graciously agreed to become my friend. At the time, I was COMPLETELY lying about only wanting to be friends, by the way.. but I figured it was a safe place to start.
Since that DM, I’ve spoken to you pretty much every single day for almost 2 years. Sometimes, in the morning, at night and in between. We clicked instantly, and you quickly became one of my favourite people on earth, and one of my closest friends. It got to the point where my day wouldn’t quite feel right without speaking to you. I needed your friendship. I needed, and still need, the bond we share. It completes me.
I knew pretty early in the process that I wanted to spend forever with you. Prayed about it fervently. But it took you FOREVER (okay fine.. maybe a year and a half or so) to see things my way. But I kinda knew all along.. I was just waiting for you to catch up.
In that time, I got engaged to you in my “Made For You” music video… and then by coincidence, we both got cast to get married in “The Wedding Party” movie.. but all the while we were the very best of friends. I guess, in our case, real life will now imitate art.
I’m not sure what the future will bring, but I’m completely sure that I am ready to face it with you by my side. I pray that God continues to build me into the kind of man that you deserve. I love you Susu.. I feel safe and at peace with you. You mean the world to me. Thank you for agreeing to be my lover and best friend. Thank you for agreeing to be my wife.
PS: The timing of this may make some people think this is promo for another video, or a movie. It isn’t.

Ironically, everyone who has seen us together in art, or in life, always insists that we have amazing chemistry. I guess you can say we have been hiding in plain sight. I fell in love with an Actress. Now my life is a movie.
In February of 2017, I asked Adesua Tolulope Oluwaseun Etomi to be my wife. She said Yes.

Happy Easter Celebration To All MIB Readers

The blog is now 74,000 hits strong thanks to all of YOU!!!! Whoop Whoop…. I was still celebrating 73k when all of a sudden we moved to 74k due to one single blog post. Thank you.  Thank you.. Thank you…. 

May the death and resurrection of Christ be made real to you all.


Let’s Get Schooling This Thursday

You do know I love you guys right?

That’s why I’m dropping this here.

I need my readers to be top knotch anywhere they find themselves.

Not every time you feel to express how serious a word is, just add ‘very’ in front of that word and ‘boomshakalaka’ everyone gets it. No! Yes people might get it based on Naija wet we be but it’s grammatically incorrect because there actually are words for these things.

So thank me later.

‘Based On Logistics’ Nollywood Movie

If by now you haven’t heard the word ‘Based On Logistics’ in Naija, then I dare say you are living in Somalia and definitely not Nigeria.

So I hear our Igbo brothers as usual are at it again. We have based on logistics aba t-shirts everywhere now for sale and I hear there’s a soon to be released Nollywood movie titled ‘Based on Logistics’.

Now don’t even get me started.

Our Igbo brothers I hail oh.

Nah the work wey una dey do.

Weh don sirs.

BB Naija Top 5 On Media Tour

The top five BB Naija housemates including the winner himself Efe are presently on a media rollercoaster tour.
Every TV Station, radio station, newspaper house, blog, etc, wants to interview them about their time in the house, things that came up, how they dealt with it, how it felt being amongst the top 5 and of course to Efe, how it feels like being the winner of BB Naija with 25M to his name, a brand new car and loads of other opportunities.

Congrats to the top 5 and most of all, huge congratulations to Efe aka Based on Logistics.

Okafor’s Law Is Now In Cinemas Near You

The wave making movie Okafor’s Law, produced by Omoni Oboli is now in cinemas near you.

This is a must watch. 

I don’t want to let anything out.

Take time out this Easter to go watch it.

Celebrate a new Nollywood with great storylines, acting, picture quality, etc.

Uduak Isong Gets Set To Premiere’Lost In London’

Movie producer and screen writer Uduak Isong is getting set to premier yet another movie and this one is called ‘Lost In London’.

I hear it’s a must watch for anyone who loves comedy as this will get you rolling on the floor.

More details to be released soon.

PS: Okon’s face in that poster makes me feel like slapping him. Lol.

Movie Hoax: Nwanyi Oma

So this poster right here is a movie hoax.

It’s not real.

Just some photo shop done by someone.

Good job might I add.

But if this were real would you see this movie?

I would….Robert Downey Jnr is in it for Christ sake. Lol.

Apologies to all my readers for the long silence by the way. Had some important work to be done. All for the blog’s betterment. Thanks for all your concerns via email. I am honoured. And thanks for staying true to this blog. Without you all I would never be 73,000 hits strong. I do not take it for granted.

Okay enough of the mushy speech!

Betty Irabor Turns 60 & Graces Genevieve Magazine

The editor of Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor just turned sixty years old and graces the cover of her own magazine looking exceptionally beautiful.

This woman is 60???? I still cannot believe it. She looks 30. Wow.

In this edition she talks about depression, how she over came it and on building the Genevieve brand.

Go grab a copy.

BB Naija 2017: Who Are You Rooting For?

So its the final week in the big brother naija house and these are the last standing housemates.

Bisola, DebbyRise, Efe, Marvis & TBoss.

Who are you rooting for?

Who do you predict will win the 25m and a brand new car?

I say its between Bisola, Efe & TBoss.

Okay let me streamline it better, its between Efe & Bisola.

Well I would have said let the best man win but I think this time around its let the person with the highest votes win.

Vote for your favourite. See you at the final evictions.

Breaking: Movie Producer Chineylove Eze Lashes Out On Actress Lilian Esoro’s Estranged Hubby, Ubi Franklin

About an hour ago, Chineylove Eze the producer of the current box office breaking movie ‘Hire A Man’, took to Instagram to upload pictures of Nollywood actress Lilian Esoro’s estranged hubby, Ubi Franklin while issuing an open warning to him:

Okay so from her outburst we still don’t know the matter 100% but it’s obvious that it’s about a script and i am sure Ubi Franklin has gotten the message. 

I am still following up the story. 

EMR Boss Omonike Fowowe Speaks Up On Social Media Bullying & Negativity

Omonike Fowowe is the CEO of EMR Group of Companies ranging from Property Development to Marketing Strategy to Public Relations & Media. 

She took to her Instagram page to share her thoughts on social media bullying and negativity:

I am so happy people like Nike are coming out to speak on things like this. I share 100% the same view. I do not believe in pulling people down just because i want to remain in the news or trend or drag traffic to myself. I will use myself as an example, this blog is 72, 000people strong and i have no intention whatsoever to increase that population based on negative news. What will keep increasing the blog is the same interesting and creative entertainment news which has built it from 1person to 72, 000people. 




MIB’s MCM: Charles Etubiebi

Our Man Crush Monday for today is none other than fast rising actor Charles Etubiebi. 

He’s a disciplined, creative and talented actor, he’s also a very good musician and he’s a fine boy!!!! 

Is he single or taken? That we have not been able to establish 100% but the sniffing is still ongoing. LOL. 

Keep up the good work that you do Charles. We see you!